Automated house 2.0 – #05 selecting Our designer

The original Automated house was developed in 1999. We were young as well as enthusiastic, however possibly lacked some life experience which implied we didn’t get whatever ideal with our design.

With a much much better concept of exactly how we online now as well as which areas are many essential to us, this time around we are identified to improve.


While we’ve only been out of the Automated house for a few weeks now, we’ve been working on our next job for a long time. We started to dream about one more self develop around 5 years back as well as we completely dedicated to the plan over 2 years ago.

One of our basics for the new develop is that it be a low energy home, however much more on that in a future post. when our concepts started to solidify, we looked around for designers who specialised in similar energy-efficient houses with previous styles in their portfolio that we liked. then we set up meetings with our shortlist of 4 firms for an preliminary chat over a few of our ideas.

With each practice, we talked over our low energy concept, our style goals as well as of program their fees. While they all seemed extremely capable, there was one firm where we instantaneously felt at house as well as we saw that the men gelled with our vision.


That business is 2020 Architects. They are a young, vibrant, award-winning team as well as we retained their services back in early 2017 to create the style for our new home.

The method is had by partners, Gareth Boyd, Richard McKinney as well as our architect, Michael Howe. Michael was featured in the 2015 series of Grand styles as he developed his own home on the North Coast.

‘the many innovative, ahead thinking, progressive designers in northern Ireland’.

Kevin McCloud

For our second meeting, Michael went to us in our own house to talk about exactly how we lived as well as what was import to us in the new house. In a future publish we’ll look much more at that style process as well as likewise report back on exactly how we got on with our designer over the project.


In the meantime right here are some helpful links to assist with selecting your own architect.

Use this browse facility from The designers Registration Board to inspect that you are truly handling an “architect”.

and utilize this ARB form as a guide for your preliminary meeting.

Listen to this podcast from home planning assist – An example of exactly how much it costs to hire an architect

Research utilizing the Surveyors & designers forum on BuildHub.

Search & checked out evaluations on Houzz – designers as well as building Designers

Read 2020’s short article – Guide to starting a Self Build

Read Homebuilding & remodelling Magazine’s short article – exactly how to select an Architect.



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